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Graphic Design


Platform: Windows
Software:  RPG Maker MV

Play Here: Waiting Room

This game was made with Kendle White under the team name Dream City.
Waiting Room is an RPG game focused on exploration and curiosity. You wander aimlessly from room to room, trying to navigate and understand the landscape presented to you. It seems like these places have a rich history, but why is no one willing to tell it?

This game was built as a companion piece to a research paper I was writing on wandering and queer experiences in the RPG Maker game Yume Nikki. I was hoping to understand more about how games made in RPG Maker utilize space and maps as stages for their stories to take place on.

Greetings from Houston, Texas, 2020 (Updated 2021)

Platform: Browser Game
Software:  Twine2

Play Here: Greetings from Huston, Texas
Greetings from Houston, Texas is an interactive text game about communicating across lightyears.

The original version of this game was made in one week as part of a gaming experiment for the UCLA English Course Gaming Experiments & Multimedia Scripting. The game’s interface was updated in 2021, but it is still an ongoing project whose story I hope to expand in the future.

On the Last Day of September, 2019 

Platform: Browser Game
Software:  Twine2

Play Here: On the Last Day of September
On the Last Day of September is an interactice Twine game about a young child named September. You explore the winding hallways of September’s home as you look for a missng friend.